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A day which doesn’t make
you smile
is a day lost.

     Charlie Chaplin

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Teaching material can hardly be sufficiently concreet.

  • Are you used to seeing the world through the eyes of a child as a bundle of captivatng stories ?
  • Do you like to discover the world with a sketch book in your hand?
  • Do you bubble over with ideas how to illustrate things like that
You may find here a platform to become famous and to cooperate in future projects

  • Child-adapted, exciting, ethically correct
  • Metaphorical illustration of the educational content.
    (some inspirations e.g. under science-slam at youtube)
  • Maximum correspondence between the image/metaphor and the educational content.
  • Avoid random phantasy.

Bu proje “ Sanat : İnsanın temel ihtiyacıdır “ No: 2009-1-FR-1GRU-07061 Avrupa birliği komisyonu tarafından destek alarak yapılmıştır. Bu yayın yazarın fikirlerini gösterir ve komisyon bu durumdan dolayı içeriğindeki bilgiden sorumlu tutulamaz.