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Study on the increase of general well-being and intelligence through musical education testing the effect of neurodidactic versus traditional approach with highly significant results.

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Czytaj dalej, aby dowiedzieć się co przykuwa uwagę ucznia, dlaczego i o której godzinie.
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Film about music as a sport, Study with highly significant results.

"Science Slam:
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Schooling for the nex generation.

Humour and clarity relating to daily life and topical aspects while communicating scientific knowledge attracts already a large public which enters the competition halls.


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UN celebrates legacy of jazz as a force of social transformation
“From its roots in slavery, this music has raised a passionate voice against all forms of oppression. It speaks a language of freedom that is meaningful to all cultures. Making the most of cultural diversity is a task we all share”
Irina Bokova

Has musical activity the potential to become a popular sport ?

Didactic, biologic, cultural and economic reflections

Ist Musik ein Sport der Zukunft
La Musique comme activité sportive

String-Kit facilitating the learning of string instruments

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NEWroLOGIC: the turbo for musical education
Examples for imaging   DE  FR  

Examples for verbalisation of motor processes what playing a musical intrument

Bach-Gounod    Bach

Integration examples uniting beginners and advenced musicians

Rhythm is it    Rhythm is it

Science-Slam Film-Clips

Music Cryptography + the thumprint of composers:

More at Youtube: enter „Science slam“ + key words you are interested in!

Feelings are ‚memory keys’
Why actors would make the best teachers. here