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People used to count on their offspring’s support only in old age.
By now we are already stuck, if our ten year olds don’t help us out with the new software!



Generations upheaval:
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Life is the most exciting thing there is.
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If we allow the brain to get on with what it is hatching at the right time, then skills will be, so to speak, handed to it on a plate. It’s as though learning comes by itself.

But if we make demands on the child to learn something before the cables designed for it have been connected to the socket in the brain, then it’s like wanting to teach a 2-year-old child to ride a bike. For him the cables in the brain for getting the correct balance are not yet ready.
In short: a lot of time + a lot of bother + little success = frustration. It simply doesn’t work.

Everything else we learn is exactly like riding a bike. There is for everything under the sun a specific moment when learning appears to come by itself. And in fact, at this point, it’s just as if we feel a compulsive urge to learn, whereas it will be very hard and tiring if we try to learn the same thing before or after this point.

As far as the choice of this moment is concerned, the brain is, unfortunately, a pretty authoritarian teacher.
It alone decides when and which cables go into the socket! The brain doesn’t care about what school curricula suggest. Here there is a regular dictatorship at work.
“If you want teaching to be pleasurable and to come as if by itself, then I suggest you do as I tell you”, as our most noble organ teaches us!

And on top of all that, it burns up a lot of calories.
No other organ in our body needs nearly as much energy as our brain. Having a brain is an expensive  commodity!
To save a penny or two, its landlord ruthlessly disposes of every cable we don’t make full use of as soon as it is placed in the socket.
He does this because the cables are made out of living cells and seven cables that lie around unused need to be nourished. So what the brain can’t afford is destroyed: away with it!

So it’s not only troublesome and frustrating to learn something too soon, but also, if we miss the right time and want to catch up on something later on, that’s  when the trouble really starts, because the necessary cables no longer exist. Besides, these cables can’t simply be bought, on the contrary, where none exists any longer a completely new one has to grow, which progresses at a rate of 1mm a day, and even then not every day but only on those days when we really try hard!

In short: learn to ride a bike preferably before you retire!

But if you’re thinking that we adults have the excuse of no longer being able to learn something at a later stage, then think again! If we really wanted to apply  ourselves and not be discouraged by the one millimeter of progress per day, then there’s nothing we can’t learn!

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