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It is important to find analogies which are sufficiently catchy to be understood by every one and  still sufficiently precise to match the concept”

Patrick Seelheim, Science Slam

Facts are the air of scientists. Without them you can never fly.
Linus Pauling


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Science Slam: humour and clarity relating to daily life and topical aspects while communicating scientific knowledge attracts already a large public which enters the competition halls.

The rapidly growing collection of film clips could replace large parts of curricular teaching in a most entertaining and memorable way.




Pupils as entrepreneur and inventor.
In project groups pupils put scientific knowledge into practice, develop and invent  techniques and devices for economizing electricity, supporting handicapped people etc. For ex. An ultrasound chip for the orientation of blind people or a model of the vertebral column showing the pressure parameter curve on a screen for the training of Kinesiologists



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