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Planing and making  priorities is crucial  for a happy life. Especially  children depend strongly each moment on what happens in front of their senses. For long term planning often applies: 
„Out of sight, out of mind"
In order to suppress spontaneous impulses and give preference to long term aims, the senses need something which gives them an orientation.


“I am, indeed, a king,
because I know
how to rule myself.”
Pietro Aretino

Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.”
Arnold H. Glasgow

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How to deal best with a furious person?

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A weeks plan or actionplan with illustrations as a graphic map can support autonomous conduct of life significantly and can save you from timeconsuming discussions with your children.

Midmap tool: software für brainfriendly mindmapping.
Tony Buzan speaks about the brain-likeness of iMindmap:

How to use iMindmap:

Free Mindmaps with a lot of wisdom: Adam Sicinski 

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