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Joyful learning

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Happiness and learning live together in a little core deep inside the brain between the temple and the ear
(the Nucleus Accumbens)
like a couple!

It gets lively in there when we learn as well as when we’re happy.

Stress, anxiety and trouble live in a completely different part of the brain.

Nature has made it that way:
Learning should be fun!


Our brain is ideal for stone-age fights for survival, so we’re born either too late or too early.

Because we still have to work out how to deal with our stone-age brain in school.

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Have your children ever run out of the house in the morning jumping with joy because they could hardly wait to get to school, and were then sad at having to leave school in the afternoon?

That is exactly how researchers predict the future of schools! One thing is clear to them: just as the lungs will go on breathing, so the brain will go on learning.

But when presented with Sponge Bob, the Simpsons, Wii, PlayStation, etc. , this voracious will to learn becomes so completely satiated that it doesn’t need anything else. In the brain there’s a strict school inspector, ruthlessly making his selections, and only admitting the most exciting, interesting, pretty, witty, gruesome etc. things into his classroom.
In short:
anything exciting will find admittance into the brain.
He pushes everything else aside as “irrelevant”.
That’s just how he is. He has had thousands of years to get used to this, as in the Stone Age what was more relevant than anything else, was what could cost you your life.

Perhaps we should offer prospective teachers a drama school first, so that they can compete again here!

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