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GD Bildung und Kultur

Im 20. Jahrhundert galten Gehirnzellen als nicht regenerierbar.

Heute weiß man, dass das Gegenteil der Fall ist: das Gehirn ist unser flexibelstes Organ.

Wachstum oder Verfall liegen hier in unserer eigenen Hand.


What is neurobic ?

1.Involve two or more senses in a novel context.

For example an unusual way of involving your sense of touch by opening and emptying your letterbox with your eyes closed.

2. Engage your emotions in a novel way.

Take a friend or family member to your workplace or face new challenges during holiday (camping, diving, climbing…)

3. Break routines in an unexpected way

Try the tram instead of the car when going to work or trysit-ups before using your toothbrush.

You may combine the 3 by a new activity such as a new sport, a musical instrument, a dance or a drawing course etc.)


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Be careful!

There is an increasing number of websites and electronic programmes pretending to provide brain-training. Among those are offers, which are not only a mere waste of time but applied to children the can even be harmful for their development.

Here a description which aloowes to distinguish between useful and not useful programmes:
Manning Rubin, Lawrence Katz

more: http://www.neurobics.com/

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