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Separate facts do not stay in our

The brain wants stories

With stoies it can engage emotionally
and that is what it will never forget!


“It is important to chose
analogies that are so obvious
that everyone understands
them and that are still
sufficiently precise to match the

Patrick Seelheim (one-Man-Show at the
Münsteraner Science Slam fort eh
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The most important thing for brain-friendly teaching material are stories that relate to life.

  • Are you used to seeing the world through the eyes of a child as a bundle of captivating stories?
  • Do you get mental holiday fever when browsing through the didactic-Pilot
  • Do you bubble over with ideas and want to write things like that

You may find here a platform to become famous and to cooperate in future projects

  • Child-adapted, exciting, ethically correct
  • Have an educational content/value
  • Metaphorical illustration of the educational content.
    (some inspirations e.g. under science-slam at youtube)
  • Maximum correspondence between the image/metaphor and the educational content.
  • Avoid random phantasy.

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