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Why not use the correct circuits in the first place!



Things could be so easy




Our words are the touch pad, with which we open windows and start programmes.



Yes-sentences: Yes!

No-sentences: No!

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Say “Hey, don’t shout so loud!” and they immediately answer you back in kind …

Say “Shh, quiet, the baby’s asleep!” and they carefully make their way on tip-toe …

For “shout”, “loud”, as well as for “softly” there are switches in the brain, which are connected to the power as soon as they are spoken. There is no such switch for “not”, because we can’t see “not” as anything concrete, as we picture things or activities to ourselves. This is why “don’t shout so loud!” is the ignition key for loud shouting, which powers up all switch circuits connected to “loud” and “shout”. He who can show restraint and NOT shout, must have real self-control!

This fatal circuit failure, which we set off with negating commands, has led to the depressing educational principle of punishing for not listening. Because only real anxiety can still stop what the verbal ignition has already put in motion!

What applies here to the ear also goes for the eye: when we e.g. mark writing errors strongly in red ink they will be engraved strongly into the brain tissue. True fear of school grading is required here to avoid reproducing these mistakes.

In this way everything would be so simple if only, instead of talking about it and emphasising what we should leave, we turned our attention straight to what we  should do.

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