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Conquer the world by singing and dancing: songs which make children move and understand the world while learning languages.


Film about music as a sport, Study with highly significant results.

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Schooling for the nex generation.

Humour and clarity relating to daily life and topical aspects while communicating scientific knowledge attracts already a large public which enters the competition halls.


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German movement songs, films and picture books telling about animals, the forest, the sea and about friends. They make enjoy walking or playing finger games.
Mathias Meyer-Göllner, www.irmimitderpauke.de

German rock-songs about social questions, understanding others, tolerance, against violence and for a good mood (see under „CDs“, „alle Texte“) on the web site of
Heiner Rusche
, www.kleine-ohrwuermer.de

German songs with CDs and picture books for movement games, finger games, games from abroad, for learning English, for physical exercise and having fun:
Wolfgang Hering, www.wolfganghering-shop.de

Rock music for children: German song with a go which male you move.
Pelemele, http://shop.pelemele.de

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