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Neither stick nor carrot

but try working together

and then let yourself be outdone


« Hi mum, let me show you how to do that! »

« It’s amazing how quickly you can do that, I’ll never be able to manage that! »

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“Pah, the new game dad promised you for your school project – I’m getting it now! I got an A in English!” “Shut your ….”. The English book is hurled straight across the room against the door. The sister had closed it quickly behind her. “Lousy project! To hell with it!” He had already been talking about the new game with his friends, had made plans and arrangements with the others.
They were such a great team.

Be honest: has anyone ever said they were so fond of the English lesson because it meant they might get a new game? In all probability, you have been shooting yourself in the foot! There is a mass of literature on this subject under the title “Punished by rewards”!

And threats produce even fewer results.
See “Anxiety kills neurons”

So, what else can we do? We can all sit down together; and all try to bite our tongues rather than give reprimands when someone gets something wrong; celebrate and make compliments on successes… and then we can make a few mistakes ourselves and realize that we are being outdone by someone else…

There is a mechanism in the brain that enables the gears to run smoothly and softly. The lever for this facility consists of a mixture of a little success, a little pride, confidence and trust in oneself.

The magical solution: practice together with the children and then let yourselves be outdone by them! Then the neuro-transmitters will start to flow and make the head active!

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