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The beginning decides!


Motivational spirals keep their going rate:
the positive as well as the negative ones.


All’s well that starts well!

a huge responsibility for parents


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“Just don’t talk to me about maths! It’s doing my head in!”

Clearly, if the first experience with mathematics in a child’s life is not good, it can actually only get worse. Because there’s order in the brain.

The dark side of life lurks in our temples, where there is a switch for stress hormones. It’s enough just to think about them and these blockers pour through the brain cortex and paralyze everything, making the brain run worse and worse. Anything that lands on this rubbish heap can only deteriorate.

It’s better to try to bring things into the sunny side from the beginning: in the middle of our forehead, where “milk and honey flow”, which in the brain means nothing less than reward hormones. And if they are flowing, then we don’t need to worry about anything any longer, as they let the entire brain function quickly, agilely and happily. What is deposited here can only go get better.

Therefore, dear parents and teachers; when presenting things for the first time, make a real party of it!
This switches the points between the rubbish dump in the temples and the solarium in the forehead’s centre: if it travels in the right direction to start with, success follows.

And – very important! – start with a summary!
It immediately transmits a feeling of success!

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