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You live in the age of EQ!

Professional careers are no longer determined by the IQ but by the EQ (emotional Quotient).

Concerned are key competences for domains such as communication, strategy and initiative.

So far school had to educate the IQ.

Now most of its functions computers took on.

New educational programmes have to answer new needs.

How impostant is your IQ for your carreer?

a.    50% up to  60% ?
b.    35% up to  45% ?
c.    23% up to  29% ?
d.    15% up to  20% ?

the result of several studies at the beginning of the 21st century:

Between 4 and 10 % !!!

Daniel Goleman „Emotional Intelligence“


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Scientifically recommended toys for free.

Since 2008 the ZNL Transfer-Centre-for-Neurology-and-Learning at the University of Ulm cooperates with toy producers. Until 2012 most schools in Germany shall be provided with toys which have been identified under neurological aspects to be educationally specifically valuable. Many school already transformed rooms in play grounds which offer to the children’s brains the variety of activities it needs and calls for.  One of the aims is also protect children from being abused as customers which serve the economic interests of the entrepreneurs.

www.spielen-macht-schule.de and www.mzfk.de

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