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NEWroLOGIC: motivated and sustainable learning
Dual-Studies for Teaching staff for teh application of artistic means in terms of a learning-torbo



Brysons method is not instruction, but amazement.

 This groundbreaking exploration of the harmful effects of rewards should be mandatory reading for every parent and teacher.

Adele Faber, co-author of "Listen So Kids Will Talk".


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Bill Bryson. “A short history of nearly everything” A well founded, instructive, at times highly humorous and always entertaining exccourse in a fascinating world. You don’t need any previous knowledge when reading it or  listening to the audio-book. A mile stone of popular-science. It was awarded the science literature prices 2004.
ISBN-10: 0739302949
ISBN-13: 978-0739302941

Alfie Kohn
Rewards and punishments are just two sides of the same coin -- and the coin doesn't buy very much. The final chapters offer a practical set of strategies for parents, teachers and managers that move beyond the use of carrots or sticks.
Alfie Kohn Punished by Rewards

Eva Ullmann. During a dense and short teacher’s training discovered the strong effects of playing theatre.

OECD schooling for tomorrow. Personalising Education

The economical impact of artistic activity in education and business for the post industrial societies: the schools of the 20th century almost exclusively addressed the left hemisphere of the brain. The functions of this hemisphere are no more relevant in the 21st century because computers beat and replace them. Goof school marks therefore currently contribute but 4% up to 8% to professional carreer success. It is time to address  the right hemisphere in education.

Daniel H. Pink: A Whole New Mind Why Right Brainer will Rule the future Bestseller

Curiousity is biologicallly natural to human brains. How to maintain or re-gain the natural interest for new knowledge .

Jutta Gorschlüter. www.spielraum-lernen.de.

How the brain deals with spelling. Looking, coordinating
and structuring:

And many other interesting news.

Neuropedagogics: education and learning as a science.
Information centre on neuropedagogics.


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